Founded in 1979, Manor Management develops, acquires, owns, and manages residential and commercial properties in New York City, along the East Coast and Florida. Our business philosophy has served us well and is the hallmark of our success. It's based on these four basic principles.



Hire the Experts


Our staff includes the most experienced property managers, customer service professionals, and underwriters who provide refinancing, insurance, and tax abatement consultation.


Focus on Service


As a service oriented group, we promptly resolve all matters that affect the quiet enjoyment of our properties, resulting in the highest levels of residential and commercial tenant satisfaction.


Attention to Detail


Whether building from the ground up, or renovating a multi-family or residential property, we pay special attention to detail and aesthetics to maximize property value.


Work with The Community


Our close and cordial relationships with local community organizations and government agencies distinguishes us in the marketplace and helps to streamline our work.