Manor Properties Group, LLC, develops, owns, and manages residential and commercial properties in the New York tri-state area. Our business philosophy has served us and our clients well over the years and has become the hallmark of our success. It is based on four basic principles:


1. Hire the Experts

Our team of experts includes planners, engineers, and architects who concentrate on analyzing all options throughout the developmental process to achieve optimal results that are on time and within budget for our residential and commercial properties.


2. Focus on Service

As a service oriented group we promptly resolve all matters that affect the quiet enjoyment of our properties, resulting in the highest levels of tenant and condo purchaser satisfaction. 


3. Attend to Details

Aesthetic sensitivity and attention to detail play crucial roles in our continued success. We spare no expense to maintain our high standards strictly adhering to, and often exceeding, the most stringent industry requirements.


4. Work with The Community

As a result of our expertise, service orientation, and attention to details, we develop close and cordial relationships with local community organizations and government agencies.